Get a Team and You Will Prosper

I spent a fairly grueling week recently traveling to New York and New Orleans. It was work, but the people made it fun.

It dawned on me that, while I flew alone and slept alone, I was surrounded by a great team in both locations.

In New York, I was teamed up with my partners to put on an event for a long-term project. I arrived by Uber at my the Manhattan location and was quickly in my room. Four minutes later, unable to change clothes, I was on my way to another room where we worked until our event started.

This pace continued for 48 hours, during two of the most beautiful days I’ve seen in New York City. I was barely able to enjoy them. I got out twice in the mornings to walk around Central Park, (in the dark), and I had two slices of Ray’s pizza one day. (That may have been the highlight of my trip!)

As hard as I was going, my partners seemed to be working even harder. We achieved our goal on this trip.

Another Uber to LaGuardia and I was on my way to New Orleans. There, my staff had set up everything for the investment conference, and everything went well.

Two cities, two events and two teams.

Two successes.

Who’s on your team?

Having a team is the greatest form of leverage and will supercharge the quest to reach your goals.

I suggest you start a list of team members and try to fill it before you need them.

For some video thoughts on teams and the Big Apple, watch this short video below.


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